eTail East 2019 .. Discover the Latest In E-commerce and Retail

Topping your competitors in this competitive landscape is not an easy and simple mission; it needs more efforts besides having great knowledge.

Knowledge means being updated with all the latest on your industry, including updates, features, changes, and formats. And, you should find the perfect way that helps you discover what is new in your business’ field.

Attending big events, conferences, workshops, talks, summits that focus on your business’ field is a great, effective, and costless way, which enables you to gain the knowledge you need.

Hence, in this article, we will talk about one of the most informative e-commerce and retail events that are held regularly to help all retailers, sellers, marketers, affiliates, and all people who are included in the e-commerce and retail industries; discover the latest.

This big e-commerce and retail event is the eTail East 2019 in Boston, the USA. eTail East 2019 (The eCommerce & Omnichannel Conference) should be listed in your schedule as a retailer, seller, advertiser, and a person works in the e-commerce and retail industries.

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eTail East 2019 (The eCommerce & Omnichannel Conference) is produced and presented by Worldwide Business Research (WBR) as one of its great series of E-commerce, Retail, Affiliate, B2B marketing, Omnichannel, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Conversions, Branding, and B2c Marketing events that are held annually across many countries around the world.

On this front, it should be mentioned that Worldwide Business Research (WBR) is considered to be one of the most popular event organizers, which has a great CV in holding big e-commerce, retail, affiliate, and digital marketing conferences.

“You’ll get action-packed stories, disruptive strategies, strategic conversations, and connections with top minds at America’s most successful retailers. No commercials. No egos. We cut out the fluff to give you hundreds of strategic takeaways.”

eTail East 2019 is a four-day event that gives you the opportunity to learn from over 140 speakers showcasing the best from the fastest growing and largest retailers, innovative startups, and online disruptors.

In addition, you can benefit from eTail East 2019 (The eCommerce & Omnichannel Conference) in discovering the latest tactics in the e-commerce, retail, affiliate, Omnichannel, B2B, B2C, and digital marketing industries.

eTail East 2019 (The eCommerce & Omnichannel Conference) will take place from 19 – 22 of August 2019 at The Sheraton, Boston, the USA.

eTail East 2019 Main Topics

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It should be pointed out that eTail East 2019 will focus on an effective suite of hot and important topics and a great listing of the challenges that face all people who are operating in the e-commerce and retail, these topics include:

  • Innovations
  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Technology
  • Social Media
  • Brand Marketing
  • Blockchain for E-Commerce
  • Voice Search
  • Social commerce
  • E-Commerce Trends 2019
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Distributed commerce
  • The Omnichannel Expectation
  • Customer engagement
  • Brand meets performance marketing
  • Machine Learning strategy
  • Data Science
  • AI
  • Product strategy
  • Marketing Data
  • Search Bots
  • conversion optimization
  • B2B Marketing

Main Workshops & Talks

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  • Reimagining the Global Digital Experience.
  • Today’s Omni-Organization.
  • Putting The Customer Front and Center.
  • Building Momentum To Empower Global Customers To Live Happy And Healthy Lives.
  • Omni-Channel Is Table Stakes—What Are You Serving?.
  • Shopping At The Edge.
  • Attracting A Customer Who’s Inherently Not Looking For You.
  • What’s The Digital Marketing Formula?.
  • Putting Your Brand Value Proposition At Your Core.
  • The Story And Process Behind The Revitalization Of A Century Adored Brand.
  • Headwinds Into Tailwinds: The Six Digital Strategies.
  • Boost Win-Back Rates And Demystify The “Many-Faced” Millennial.
  • Fostering Innovation: Rethinking The Omni Organization Today.
  • Personalized Digitization—Barneys New York As A Creative Venue For Immersive Retail.
  • How New Chapter Launched Its D2C Business With BigCommerce.
  • Stepping Into A New Omni-Channel Experience.
  • Digital Natives Disrupt Again… Now In-Store.
  • CarMax Goes All-In On Omni-Channel: Building, Scaling And Deploying With Speed.
  • How Food Will and Needs To Transform.
  • Technology Disruption and the Changing Face of Retail.

eTail East 2019 Main Speakers

  • Megan Kessler – Program Director At eTail East.
  • Corey Newhouse – Founder & CMO ICG At America, Inc.
  • Angela Gruszka – SVP, Head of Marketing and eCommerce At Milly.
  • Sarah Stalnecker – Head of Global Analytics At New Balance.
  • Jay Curley – Global Head of Integrated Marketing At Ben & Jerry’s.
  • Chloe Thompson – VP, Commerce At Bespoke Post.
  • Sumantro Das – Senior Director, Product and Growth Brands At
  • Keiko Osada – Head of eCommerce, North America At The Kraft Heinz Company.
  • Christina Thorpe – Director, Product Management, Customer Experience At Dropbox.
  • Jared Vestal – Consultant & Advisor At Digital Fuel Capital.

Benefits of Attending The eTail East 2019

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As a marketer, advertiser, webmaster, retailer, and seller, you should register your seat in this big e-commerce and retail conference, because of a large list of benefits, such as:

  • 5 Star Content
  • 5 Star Speakers
  • 5 Star Networking
  • 45 Peer-to-Peer Discussions
  • 100 Thought Leading Speakers
  • 300 Retailers Collaborating
  • 400 Attendees
  • Discover the latest in E-commerce, Retail, Conversions, Digital Marketing, and Social media in 2019.
  • Learn from senior-level marketers and top executives from world-leading e-commerce players, retailers and innovative publishers.
  • Connect with a great community of marketers, retailers, e-commerce persons, and sellers, who are coming come from different countries around the world.
  • Learn from an effective and valuable suite of sessions, workshops, and talks & presentations.
  • Identify What’s Trending In The e-commerce, ROI, conversions, and retail industry.
  • Network With People Who Matter.
  • Learn how effectively to Grow Your work and business.
  • Hear from the best industry’s leaders, speakers, brands, and companies.

Tickets Pricing:

  • Retailers & Brands:
    Early Bird Four Day Pass (Aug 19-22, 2019) – $1,699.
    Three Day Pass (Aug 20-22, 2019) – $1,499.
  • Venture Capitalists – $1,999.
  • Non-Retailers/Others – $3,899.

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