What Is the Easiest and Smartest Way to Turn on Facebook Auto-reply on Messenger?

Why is it necessary to activate Facebook auto-reply on Messenger?

If you’re following a Facebook marketing strategy to promote your business, you should expect users to send messages, write comments, and treat your FB page as customer service that helps them connect with you.

This means that you need to enable a Facebook Messenger auto-reply to be able to respond to your customer quickly and intelligently, leaving the impression that their messages have been received and handled.

This is the topic of today’s article, as we will discuss the importance of activating the Messenger auto-reply in general, and the way to activate the auto-reply comment on Facebook pages through the best Arabic chatbot, which is “ExpandBot”.

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What Are Facebook Messenger Auto-Reply?

Automatic replies are meant to automate your Facebook page’s messages, i.e. make it automated, to automatically reply to new messages as soon as they reach you.

This is by setting up pre-defined responses and setting the bot to respond to them immediately as soon as the message is received from the customer to enhance communication with your customers and provide them with a positive and excellent customer service experience.

This is because quick and automatic responses provide an opportunity for business page owners to gain customers’ trust with a quick, friendly, professional, and response to the customer’s message, especially in the event of sending inquiries or problems.

📊 A statistic that may interest you:

51% of all customers taking part in the survey stated that after one negative service experience, they decided not to do business with this brand again. (Revechat) So, one of your most important strategies for retaining your customers and branding is to provide excellent customer service.

What Is the Importance of Setting Facebook Messenger Auto-reply Bot?

ExpandBot Messenger Bot

Managing Facebook pages is not a simple task at all, especially when following a professional marketing strategy, creating advertising campaigns, and publishing content actively.

This increases the chances of users interacting on the page, whether by writing comments or sending messages. Here, how do you deal with this number of messages and comments, which may reach hundreds?

Certainly, you cannot complete this task professionally, which is why the Facebook platform seeks to facilitate this task for users by creating a feature or the Facebook auto-reply feature.

But Facebook’s pursuit did not stop at this feature, so we created an exclusive partnership between ExpandCart and Facebook to set up a professional Facebook auto-reply bot application with many unique features, besides the Facebook page Messenger auto-reply.

Below we will learn about this application in detail and how you can benefit from it to improve your trading…

📊 A statistic that may interest you:

In a survey, 35% of customers stated that they prefer using social media platforms as a customer service channel to calling by phone, etc., and 30% of all survey respondents reported they use social media as a channel to purchase products. Basic sale. (Revechat)

What Is ExpandBot?

Messenger Bot

ExpandBot is a chatbot that is applied to Facebook pages to perform the task of managing the page by responding to messages and comments and collecting customer data for later use.

With ExpandBot, you can auto-reply to messages and comments, and set up rules for common and general inquiries, besides defining the response to frequently used keywords by your customers and also preparing ready conversations or scenarios for managing customer complaints.

This is ExpandBot’s goal, in a nutshell, to support business owners to provide the best support service to their customers and help them save their time to focus on improving marketing and management instead of responding to messages and comments.

Why Should You Enable ExpandBot on Your Business Page?

ExpandBot is not just a Facebook page auto-reply; but it is also integrated with artificial intelligence mechanisms to accomplish more than one other task, such as

1. Supported in An Arabic Version

Many business owners in the Arab world are looking for tools and applications that support the Arabic language for ease of control and use.

This is what we have made available in the ExpandBot application, as it is fully supported in Arabic, meaning you can adjust all settings and manage the control panel in Arabic. It is also available in English and you can choose the language you are familiar with.

2. Free Lifetime Subscription

If you sign up now to activate the ExpandBot app on your Facebook business page, you will enjoy a free lifetime subscription, as well as the ability to manage over one business page at the same time from one account.

3. Auto Reply to Posts’ Comments

With the help of the ExpandBot, you can activate Facebook automated responses to comments on any of your Facebook Business Page posts, which help increase effective communication with your customers.

Besides generating new leads around the clock, because, with this quick and accurate response, you will attract the really important customer with your products and services.

Based on these keywords, you can set up a specific Facebook auto-reply that will help you expand your marketing reach and generate more sales.

To learn how to activate automatic reply to Facebook comments, watch the video 👇

4. Smart Reply With Specific Keywords

ExpandBot helps you send the right content at the right time with its ability to identify specific keywords and prepare responses that include those words.

So, you can collect the most common questions and the most frequent inquiries from your customers and prepare answers for them that the bot uses to respond automatically to them, whether in an automatic reply to messages or an automatic reply to comments.

Based on these keywords, you can set up specific Facebook auto-reply responses that will help you expand your marketing reach and generate more sales.

👩‍💻 ExpandCart expert advice

Giving a brief introduction to your brand at the beginning of the Facebook auto-reply message will be an excellent strategy to capture the customer’s attention and strengthen your standing in their minds.

To learn how to activate this feature, watch the video 👇

5. Collecting and Saving Your Customers’ Data

Did you know that if you can build a firm knowledge base about your customers, you will generate more sales, profits, and brilliant success for your brand?

Achieving sales is not just about marketing strategies, sales funnel, etc., you also have to understand your customers well and their interests to achieve the best results for your brand.

This is what ExpandBot provides to you, as it helps you collect your customers’ data such as phone number, email, age, gender, and important data that will help you later in improving your advertising campaigns and achieving a better reach.

To learn how to activate this feature, watch the video 👇

At last, we are still working on improving ExpandBot to provide the smartest and best features and solutions to improve your business and develop your relationship with your customers.

Activate ExpandBot now and use the Facebook auto-reply feature on your Facebook Page’s messages, auto-responder options for comments, and customize the reply with specific keywords.

How to Set up ExpandBot on Your Facebook Page?

Here is a quick, detailed explanation that shows you how to activate ExpandBot on your commercial page and learn how to activate Facebook auto-reply.

1. Head to the application page through the following link: https://expandbot.com/app/home/sign_up

2. Because you will need to log in with your Facebook account, you will see this page to choose to sign up In ExpandBot by linking with your Facebook account.


3. Click “Continue” with your Facebook account name to successfully link ExpandBot to your Facebook page.

How to activate ExpandBot Messenger Bot?

4. You have now successfully logged into the ExpandBot through your Facebook account, and now you have to choose the commercial pages you want to activate the ExpandBot on.

best messenger bot

To know the rest of the registration steps, watch the following video 👇 you can refer to the previous videos to activate any of the features of ExpandBot Reply.

5 Auto-templates Via Facebook Messenger

Now that we’ve covered how to enable an ExpandBot on your Facebook business page, here are some examples of Facebook auto-reply responses you can set up:

  1. “Hi Muhammed, did you know that we have an exclusive 50% discount on all our products?”
  2. “Hi, we have received your message and will contact you within two hours.”
  3. “Thank you for contacting us on Messenger. We will get back to you soon. You can also contact us on Instagram, Twitter, or visit our online store.”
  4. “Hello 👋 The page is now closed, but we will get back to you in the morning as soon as possible. You can browse the latest offers on our store here.”
  5. “Thank you for contacting us! Leave your query and we will get back to you as soon as possible”

Conclusion and recommendations

Brands are witnessing a high turnout by users of social media platforms to inquire about their inquiries, make purchases, or even make complaints.

That is, social media platforms are no longer only marketing channels but have become an important channel in terms of customer service.

That is why today every business page owner on Facebook must activate Facebook auto-reply on Messenger to provide better customer service, whether to respond to incoming messages and inquiries or quickly deal with complaints and find solutions to them.

👨‍💼 Because your business needs to complete many tasks like:

  • Create a barcode.
  • Set up the privacy policy menu.
  • Terms and Conditions Template Design.
  • Create a Brand Name.

We suggest you use the free ExpandCart Business Toolkit that you should try to use in your business now for free.

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And don’t forget to leave us all your questions and inquiries in the comments and we will answer them all 🤩


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