Meet ExpandBot! Your Perfect Messenger Bot | Advantages and Activation

More than 439 million dollars can be saved by e-retailers and social media store owners in the Arab world only when they use a Facebook Messenger bot to respond to customer messages in 2023, according to statistics.

Based on this important statistic, and motivated by the use of artificial intelligence to support the growth of eCommerce sales further, ExpandCart announced the launch of its latest product, ” ExpandBot”, in cooperation with the famous social networking platform Facebook.

The 1st Partnership of Its Kind in the MENA Region

It is the first partnership of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa between an eCommerce platform and Facebook to enable conversational commerce and investment in increasing merchants’ sales who use Facebook to market and sell their products.

This partnership between ExpandCart and Facebook comes as part of the two companies’ efforts to provide support to small and medium businesses, help them conduct instant and successful business conversations with consumers, and reduce costs and effort as much as possible.

In this article, we’ll take you on a tour and walk you through our ExpandBot features, advantages, and activation steps!

Let’s dive in right away.

What Is the “ExpandBot” Messenger Bot?

Messenger Bot

ExpandBot is simply a Facebook Messenger bot, an application mechanism of responding that’s linked to; account trademarks, electronic stores, or business pages on Facebook to follow – up with customers through the conversations and chat with them automatically, answer their questions and queries via Facebook Messenger, and respond to customer feedback as well as in various publications around the clock automatically and instantly.

Let’s start by introducing the application!

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What’s New in ExpandBot? 💬

ExpandBot is completely free for the first 1,000 customers in the Arab world. It was specially developed by ExpandCart, which specializes in building and designing online stores, to help e- retailers to create a messenger bot within their business pages on Facebook.

It provides merchants with a set of smart solutions that help them support the growth of their eCommerce, and improve their customer experience by quickly responding to all their questions and inquiries about the products or services offered on the Facebook business pages.

More than 90% of brands and businesses have already succeeded in providing faster solutions to their customers' complaints and inquiries thanks to the use of chatbots within their store pages. Click To Tweet

Expand Bot’s tasks do not stop at having automated conversations with customers, but also include responding to various customer comments in real-time, either ad hoc by assigning specific answers to each comment individually, or by installing a single automatic reply to all comments.

This is in addition to its role in helping the owners of commercial pages and e-retailers to understand and study customers in more detail, through the ExpandBot database, in which the bot collects all the data and information of your customers interacting in comments, conversations, and those interested in your store.

This data can be processed and relied on to quickly reach the target and potential customers for your brand and retarget them through precisely targeted advertising campaigns, maximizing your sales volume and thus your profits quickly and easily.

🎥 For more information about the work and features of the ExpandBot chatbot app, watch this video: 👇

This is in addition to more automated tasks that the ExpandBot chatbot app can perform, which include the following: ⬇️

  • Welcoming new visitors,
  • Responding to their comments or inquiries,
  • Sending offers and discounts to existing users,
  • Replying to comments that include specific keywords from your choice.

And many other exclusive features and benefits that you can all benefit from completely free of charge.

Now let’s learn more about the advantages that you can get when integrating your Facebook page to the best and smartest messenger bot “ExpandBot”.

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What Are the Advantages of Using ExpandBot for Commercial Activities? 🎉

Messenger Bot Advantages

There are several benefits that your business can achieve by simply linking your Facebook business page to the ExpandBot chatting application, here are a few of them:

1. Completely Free

“ExpandBot” comes with two subscription packages:

  • The Free Package: It is a free-for-life package intended for owners of small and medium businesses, as well as beginners in marketing through chatbots and messenger chatbots as well.
    The free package allows subscribers to benefit from and access the basic features of the ExpandBot application only.
  • The Professional Package: The ExpandBot Professional Package is a paid package for eCommerce and marketing professionals, brand owners, and mega-enterprises who want to upgrade their businesses. The price of the package is $149 per month to access the advanced features of the application.

Who wouldn’t want a Facebook Messenger Bot for free?

ExpandBot provides its professional package completely free of charge to the first 1,000 merchants in the Arab world for a limited time; So link your page now and take advantage of the advanced features of the app for free.

2. Easily Connected

With quick and simple clicks, you can link your business page on Facebook with ExpandBot and enjoy a free messenger bot app without the need to type any codes or have technical and technical expertise.

3. Simply Used

One of the most important advantages of ExpandBot is its ease-of-use without the need for any software expertise to deal with it, as it was developed to meet the needs of merchants and help them follow up with customers in the easiest and simplest steps without complication.

4. Safe and Secure

The programming of the ExpandBot application is basically based on a top priority which is; protecting the security, integrity of data, privacy of customer information, gathering this data, and keeping it away from theft, fraud, or any other illegal cyber attacks.

5. Marketing Efforts Optimizer

ExpandBot does not work as a FB Messenger Bot just to enable an auto-reply to comments or messages only, the app offers you a huge database about your customers to use in improving your future marketing efforts. This helps to reach potential customers and convert them to actual customers, thus increasing your sales.

6. Reduces Costs and Doubles Sales

One of the most important benefits of enabling an automatic comment bot is the reduced costs to your business of hiring customer service agents to answer customer inquiries and questions around the clock.

In addition to what’s above, ExpandBot, as a messenger bot, will help multiply the sales of your business through its solutions in instant response to customers in messages and comments, which helps a lot in completing and closing many purchases successfully.

📊 Statistic: 57% of businesses achieved a higher return on investment thanks to chatbots such as ExpandBot.

How to Integrate ExpandBot to Your Facebook Business Page?

Here’s the step-by-step method to activate the ExpandBot application within your business page on Facebook: ⬇️

  1. Go to the ExpandBot registration page through the following link:
  2. Click on “Continue with Facebook” or type your data required in the form and click “Sign up”, then you will be redirected to the Facebook login page as shown in the screenshot below:


  1. Click “Continue” to be linked with your Facebook account, and then the Facebook team will confirm that you continue to register with this account; So, press “Continue” as shown in the screenshot below:

How to activate ExpandBot Messenger Bot?

4. The ExpandBot will then start reading and reviewing the data of your account with which you are logged into Facebook, and all the pages that you manage from the account will appear to you to determine which of them you want to activate the Messenger bot on, as in the following screenshot:

best messenger bot

💡 Important note: As it appears in the above screenshot, it is possible to activate and link the ExpandBot to work as a messenger bot in more than one of your business pages on Facebook at one time.

  1. The application will connect automatically, and then it will show you a set of options and permissions for the application that you should decide on, as in the following screenshot:

Activating ExpandBot Messenger Bot 2

👌 Tip: In order to get the most out of all the features and solutions of the ExpandBot, agree to all of these permissions above.

  1. Congratulations! You have your FB messenger bot ready!  Make sure your ExpandBot is linked to your page by Facebook, and then you also have to confirm the link, as shown below:

ExpandBot activation

  1. Then a pop-up window will appear informing you that the ExpandBot has been successfully activated and linked to your store page on Facebook, as shown in the following screenshot:

facebook messenger bot free

8. Now, your ExpandBot dashboard is ready on your Facebook business page, as we can see in the following screenshot:ExpandBot activation 2

Note: Through this bot control panel, you can manage the application and control the settings in full between setting specific responses, or making a conversation list, and other features and characteristics of the Messenger ExpandBot that we talked about.

Voila! You have set your messenger bot free and you’re ready to use its all features and benefits and contact customers easily and instantly. 🎉

Send us all your comments and questions in the comments, we read them all! ✌️💙

Seize the opportunity now and connect your Facebook business page to ExpandBot for free, and enjoy unparalleled conversational commerce benefits! 💪🎉


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