Dropshipping … The top ten website you can use for your business

Dropshipping web sites have become one of the most popular methods that currently used in the process of buying and selling through the Internet, as you can buy one product at a wholesale price from wholesaler through the Internet and then the merchant himself send the request to the client directly without interfering with the product delivery from your side .

Through this method, you will not buy products and deposit them in stock waiting to be sold. It is an ideal solution for those who want to sell on the web and do not have stock to keep products.

Dropshipping web sites offer the ability to make product announcements and market them as you like and provide for some store owners with the effort to manage the stock and ask for users, so it is not surprising that this is the first way to sell through the internet in a perfect way.

Certainly, the key to excellence in E-commerce field through drop Shiping is certainly the supplier or the wholesale seller from you buy your products, so I put in this article a list of top ten websites dropshipping with a description of each one.

The list is as follows:

AliExpress: one of the strongest wholesale and drop shipping worldwide
DHgate: the Best Selling Site For Electronic Devices Via dropshipping
SheInside: the largest and widest clothing supplier with all a new fashion world
Tmart: best choice and free shipping included to all over the world
DealExtreme: a famous wholesale site based in Hong Kong
MiniInTheBox: Offers high-tech accessories at an excellent and unique price
NEDIS: German website leading in the international market with more than 15,000 products available and offered for sale
PandaHall: The best place for beads, clothes, and accessories with more than 25,000 articles
BangGood: Dropshipping website that is very popular and known for great deals, wholesale prices, convenient for all, many offers and discounts
BigBuy: The winner of the award for a best-selling website with dropshipping in Europe

1. AliExpress 

Dropshipping aliexpress

This site was created in 2012, Aliexpress based in China match with Amazon website, where millions of products are sold from various fields and types.

This site derives his strength from Alibaba website which belongs to it. It offers prices not found elsewhere. This site is distinguished by its have a strong reputation and always has the best deals.

2. DHgate 

Dropshipping dh shopping

It is one of the most famous and well-known Chinese sites in wholesale and allows the dropshipping, established in 2004 Considered one of the oldest and most continuously developing sites in the field with more than 3 million customers from 200 different countries.

The site offers excellent electronic products at competitive prices. Please be sure to try it out.

3. SheInside 

Dropshipping sheinside

Since this website launched in 2008 in China, millions of products have been sold through dropshipping. This site mainly provides clothing and accessories for women and has earned a score of 7/10 on the Trustpilot based on the results of customer opinions and ratings.

Online store owners and entrepreneurs should try experience products before starting the dropshipping as there are some Obstacles to shipping and sending products to customers at certain times.

This site offers products of clothing and accessories of women’s and always renewed and other products of the woman world with unique prices. Please be sure to try it out.

4. Tmart

T-Mart has a wide range of stocks outside China, in countries such as the United States, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom, which allows shipping to these countries or to neighboring countries more easily and conveniently.

Mainly displays electronic products, but this does not mean that it is not available on other products. The site contains products from more than 100 different categories.

5- DealExtreme 

The site has been established for more than 10 years and is considered one of the best and most famous sites that provide dropshipping service all over the world. Where it is distinguished by offering excellent products and competitive prices to most wholesalers online.

This Chinese site is also unique to free shipping that encourages and motivates most sellers to buy and sell from it.

6. MiniInTheBox 

This site was established in 2010 and is one of the leading sites in the dropshipping field, the site offers unique products at excellent prices and competitive, it is specialized only electronics field and considers that specialization in the specific category products is unique and useful as the site boasts a distinguished dealer from more than 150 countries.

7. The NEDIS 

This German site owned on stocks in the Netherlands and offers high-quality products. The site can be classified as a small site compared to other sites listed on the menu. but it has more than 60,000 customers. The site displays more than 18 thousand different products and always add new products to the site every week.

8. PandaHall 

Dropshipping pandahall

It is one of the best selling websites in buying through dropshipping in the field of jewelry and beads. This site offers a variety of different products of high quality and has many customers who have loyalty to him for what is distinguished from others.

Electronic products are somewhat less quality than jewelry. So we recommend it only to the owners of online stores and the dealer who works in the field of jewelry accessories.

9. BangGood

Dropshipping banggood

For more than ten years, this site offers very special products, mainly in mobile phones and electronics, and it is characterized by high quality, convenient price and very unique.

The most famous of this site is also the ease of shipping operations as the products reach the buyer in excellent times, as well as very good customer service.

10. BigBuy 

This site is located in Spain and specializes in B2B meaning for companies, which makes you achieve through it a huge profit.

It is common knowledge that the products of interest to a particular sector of customers have a large value and profit margin is greater, so this site is appropriate to find products suitable for sale through the drop shaping and gain certainly.

Conclusion & Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is dropshipping?

Its a way or method of selling a product that is displayed and marketed by a merchant or an online store owner without own of these products.

When the store owner finds a buyer of the product, he communicates with a vendor who offers their products at one of the sites described above to purchase the product.

then the owner of the product sells it to the merchant or e-store owner but sends it directly to the buyer, not to the merchant.

2- What are the advantages and disadvantages of the drop shaping?

There are two advantages of the dropshipping in the way of sales, first: the owner of the store or the merchant saves himself the cost of providing a stock and management of it, whether he can do it personally or needed assistance, it is only the presentation and marketing of the goods and ensure the original merchant takes care of any request, whatever his place in the world to save the order until the completion is done via the Internet.

Second, the owner of the e-store or the seller provides himself also with the problem of buying large quantities of the product to be marketed, he can buy only one product from the wholesaler with wholesale price, every time he communicates with a customer to buy the product.

As for the negatives, they are more important than the Positives because they affect the seller’s reputation and prestige. When you market a product you have never seen before and know nothing about it’s quality or shipping method that will reach your customer. You gamble and risk your reputation as an owner online store or as a salesman.

You are given all the powers of the original merchant as he is the Controller in the product, the way to ship it and access to the client of your store, the existence of the product and its validity,,,, etc., if the experience is unsatisfying to the client of your store, only obliged to compensate by retrieving the money paid to you or give him special offers or discounts for products.

3. What kind of products can I sell through the dropshipping?

The quality of the products varies according to the field you choose where you have to determine what you want to sell. Are they cheap, medium-quality, small-size products, high-priced products, and excellent quality?

It must be borne in mind that satisfying customers is not easy. However, the percentage of customers who are not satisfied with a cheap mobile charger will not be the same percentage of customers who are dissatisfied with the quality of the clothing piece that its price 150$.

We recommend that you always choose stationery products and toys for sale through the dropshipping.

4. What is the percentage of profit from selling through the dropshipping?

The percentage of profits depends on the selected products and the strategy that you are going through in the sales process as well as on your marketing power.

For example, a site like AliExpress does not set specific prices for sellers but can negotiate with the seller directly and get a discount of up from 20% to 30% of the offer price. You can also know how to choose your seller for sale through dropshipping from AliExpress.

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