How to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook in 2022?

One of the most asked questions in 2021 is “How to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook?”. Yet, sadly, your Facebook organic reach is in continuous decline and your followers and supporters find it harder to view your posts recently.

But don’t be depressed, this is not an inevitable fate. We have some answers for you!

Why Should You Continue Reading This Article?

In this article, we will review together how to increase post reach on Facebook page 2021, how to grow Facebook page organically, with the definition of organic reach, why there is a decline, the best advice you can apply to quickly enhance the organic reach Facebook needs for your online store, as well as the considerations you need to avoid that would otherwise deteriorate your organic reach.

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What Is Facebook Organic Reach?

Generally, Facebook organic reach refers to the audience obtained by a brand, when it directly addresses its fans or followers on a social network, without going through a paid adverts format such as “sponsored post.” This is also called an organic publication.

You can monitor this information by having a look at your Facebook Business Page insights. They are graphed by post; the organic and paid reach is color-coded. There are two different shades of yellow/orange so that you can view your organic reach versus paid reach.

how to increase organic reach on facebook

📈 Quick Statistic: The fastest-growing region for Facebook is the Middle East and Africa with a  rate of 13.6%.

Why Your Facebook Organic Reach Is in Decline?

Facebook organic reach

Social media can be highly beneficial for your e-commerce and have an excellent influence on how you propagate your business. Despite this, with the ongoing monetization on platforms, it might be more difficult to engage your audience without having to launch paid adverts.

Facebook organic reach comes into decline because of two factors:

1. The Intense Competition

Probably, this is the main reason, thanks to the very fact that there are over 3.21 billion monthly active users on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger, and more than 90 billion online businesses.

This means you have to compete with the visitors’ friends and relatives, besides the competition with other e-commerce sites to win a foothold within the web feed (newsfeed).

Facebook has to make a decision on which content should appear in the newsfeed, as users publish more than 30 billion posts of content per month.

2. Facebook’s Algorithm Methodology

Facebook’s News Feed is structured to send each user on Facebook the content that is most meaningful to them, instead of just displaying all possible content.

For example, the News Feed will show nearly 300 of the 1,500+ posts that a user would view when they log into Facebook.

This means that about 80% of the posts intended for them aren’t seen by the consumer. But, how does Facebook determine whether or not a post is of superior quality?

Actually, the decision is made through “engagement.” Posts with a higher probability of receiving likes, comments, shares, and optimistic (positive) sentiment will appear more frequently in the newsfeed.

Lastly, I know I said there are two factors, but we believe that there is a third hidden reason that Facebook will not talk about; unsurprisingly, this factor is Money.

After all, Facebook is a profit-making organization. Consequently, when e-commerce pages on Facebook fail to organically reach their audience, then they must pay for adverts. Eventually, Facebook makes money through adverts.

At this point, having realized the reasons driving your Facebook organic reach to decline, let’s try to find some resolutions that your business can apply now to create an excellent impact on your reach.

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How to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook? Here Are Our Bits of Advice!

organic reach facebook

It’s considerably discouraging to spend a long time organizing your Facebook posts, setting up your editorial calendar, and yet seeing organic reach drop continuously.

1. Create a Separate Group

You should consider creating a separate group on Facebook for the most engaged people on your main page, as they are the most likely to be interested in your brand and may be willing to lead more talks and discussions revolving around what you provide for them.

While they may not always yield the wanted results, groups are often a good way to spark interest via conversations that make people get hooked to your brand.

If done correctly, this can positively impact your main Facebook page in terms of more meaningful interactions and conversations that benefit your brand over the long term.

2. Post More Videos on Facebook

In a limited survey conducted by DataBox, involved marketers, on video vs photo adverts, researchers found that almost 60% of those marketers said video tends to drive more engagement.

Facebook, on the other hand, does not want you just to upload some random video to their platform; they would like you to upload native videos.

Native videos are those clips that are posted directly on Facebook rather than being shared from an external platform like Dailymotion, for example. Native video posts, according to Search Engine Journal, attract 2x as many users, have 3x as many shares, and receive 7x as much engagement.

Actually, Mark Zuckerberg said that by 2021, the majority of Facebook posts might be videos. In brief, upload native videos on Facebook, if you want to attract better organic reach.

In this context, we suggest considering the following ideas to make better videos:

  • Captions: Keep in mind that 85% of Facebook’s audience view videos on mute mode.
  • Thumbnails can tell something about the content and can be a key factor to make a viewer click open.
  • The first 7 sec must capture the viewers’ eyes, as they scroll down the page, with the videos on silent mode, you should add something that breaks the down scrolling.

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3. Increase Post Frequency

Uploading posts with a higher frequency will offer you a higher probability for your followers to reach your content. Keep in mind, the catch situation here is to increase the posting quantity without causing the quality to deteriorate.

Facebook's algorithm will give higher priority to posts with better quality, i.e. posts that would attract higher engagement. Click To Tweet

4. Make Followers Select Your Page as “Favorite”

Many users do not realize the fact that Followers have the option to add their most preferred business page as “Favorite”, to give their posts priority in the newsfeed.

favorite settings

Followers can do these steps to “Favorite” your page:

  • Visitors enter your page.
  • Click the 3 dots on the upper right corner.
  • Press “Follow settings.”
  • In the “Newsfeed” submenu click “Favorites.”

This move will quickly offer you a leap in reach because it will allow the algorithm to recognize that your posts are valuable to them. Therefore, persuade your followers to have their following settings adjusted to prioritize your business page to appear in the newsfeed.

5. Push Your Posts

In the above paragraphs, we said that Facebook prefers posts that attract engagement. Although organic reach means reaching your audience without paying for adverts, it is not a bad idea to advertise a post to visitors who have not noticed your business before, to raise more engagement.

A shared content or tag that comes from a promoted post immediately improves the post’s organic reach as organic visitors begin to view, share, like, and comment on it, which leads to more organic visitors viewing it, and so on.

We recommend setting aside a budget to advertise your posts, but not wasting your full budget on one or two posts.

It is better to prepare a scheme in which you upload a certain number of posts each week for a fixed monthly fee. This approach will assist you in reaching out to more of your fans, bringing your brand to a new audience, and growing your overall reach.

6. Make Your Brand Different

Determine why you are in business and work accordingly, or in other words, identify the values that distinguish you in respect to personal branding and build on them, and your right audience will take note and love you for it.

Don’t fall victim to the appealing trends that happen all around us and might seem like an attractive opportunity to gain traffic, because this way you could potentially risk losing your hardcore followers.

Know your niche and your relevant edges and take advantage of your key marketing voice and keep gathering followers around you.

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Don’t Do This ❌

The above paragraphs are the six points to apply to improve your Facebook organic reach. Alternatively, don’t fall for these three traps as they will hurt your organic reach.

#1: Don’t Use Click Baits (or like Baits)

Whenever a post is openly demanding for “like, share, and subscribe” is called “like-baiting.”

⚠️ Facebook has stated clearly: any post that contains “like-baiting” shall not be viewed higher than other genuine pages that attempt to urge their followers to openly discuss the intended subject.

The main purpose of your content is to inspire discussion, but it is not acceptable to deliberately try to agitate engagement without affording value within the post by itself.

#2: Don’t Post Replicated Posts

Each one of us has come across a repeated post (reposted post). This is a bad approach to start a business page.

Facebook usually deprioritizes pages that continually post repeated content. Thus, to enhance Facebook’s organic reach, the main goal of your content is to always publish original and quality posts, because reiterated content will give an adverse result.

#3: Don’t Use Spam Links

Any link that takes users on social networks to an unoriginal site full of adverts is called a “spam link.” All pages that have spam links that don’t lead to the original content will be de-emphasized in the newsfeed.

Accordingly, your content strategy, whenever links are added, should depend only on links leading to genuine and valuable content.

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In Conclusion

As we said at the forefront of this article, maximizing your Facebook organic reach is not a final verdict. By using Facebook (itself) to analyze traffic on your business page, you can win insight to improve your reach.

Although the above advice on how to increase reach in Facebook is not a 100% certain approach to enhance your reach on social media, you can find it helpful to experiment to find the best combination for you, and as you abide by it, you will see the engagement that you are impatient for is gradually building over time to a level that should be satisfactory to your marketing endeavors.


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