Top Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Brand Inspiration

In the beginning, Instagram was dismissed as a profitable platform while solely keeping it for entertainment purposes, with much less emphasis on marketing or advertising, something that was initially said about Facebook when it first debuted.

That perception quickly changed though.

Instagram transformed into an online marketing giant with 400 million active users each month, with 80 million new photos and 3.5 billion likes happening each day.

Instagram connects brands to influencers and influential companies and helps them along the brand spectrum to find new opportunities to grow and further market their business and uncover new opportunities.

Want some Instagram inspiration? Follow these 7 accounts now and get to learn from them right now:

1. WeWork


The popular shared office space uses great visual designs, and not just that, but they are also capable of getting traction using smart hashtags to get the exposure they are aiming for their Instagram account.

WeWork has successfully been able to have 50,000 followers and regularly get hundreds of likes on the posts they publish. One great trick they have mastered is leveraging the trending hashtags and becoming part of the bigger conversation taking place on Instagram as they did in the post above.

2. Oreo

The popular cookie brand Oreo is doing an incredible job on the Instagram platform with an amazing 1.6 million followers, that’s why it’s able to get more than 50,000 likes and hundreds of comments with each post they publish, but really; what’s their secret? It’s simple.

In addition to the famous blue color that they incorporate into its visuals that it posts on Instagram, Oreo is making use of both smart & short videos spanning around 10 to 15 seconds, and the result? Followers are loving it even more.

3. FedEx


FedEx, this giant shipping company has been successful in its endeavors to understand the science and art of user-generated content to reach a better form of an Instagram feed that is original, exciting, and less costly to produce.

The brand cleverly garners admiration by sharing vibrant and lively photos taken by the followers while depicting a FedEx vehicle of some sort while carrying on the business.

The brilliant result is a stream of content that is both beautiful and engaging, while just curating what seems valuable with minimal effort.

4. Nike


Nike has been successful in creating a quite catchy Instagram account and moreover being able to get 49 million fans. So, how does Nike do it? They use the help of celebrities and athletes to catch the attention of their fans, but what does after that is what we are going to discuss now.

The brand has been able to create a clever call to action strategy where it runs campaigns of Instagram posts asking their fans to click on the link in bio to learn more. What happens next is that instead of directing people to their default homepage, they direct them to the campaign’s related landing page (as depicted in the above image). Something that’s quite smart, if you ask us our opinion.

5. Audi


As useful as UGC could be beneficial, sometimes you got no option but produce the highest quality of creative effort that you could reach as you sell expensive products on your Instagram account.

Audi’s Instagram business account is full of posts that are visually stunning, colorful, and polished.

And that’s what Audi has exactly done, as their Instagram account is nothing short of stunning, neat and lively. That’s how the company has reached 4.4 million followers with focusing on the features and the action photos. While not currently being highly leveraged, the video could be extremely beneficial if it produced with the same amazing quality of the photos that they publish on their account.

6. Gucci


This popular brand successfully acquired thousands of likes for its fashion posts on its Instagram account. What made them go the extra mile though is the exclusive photos that made their fans fall in love with them even harder, which was a smart move by Gucci.

Gucci has been boldly showing us that while professionally staged photos are important to show creativity, it’s also important to be able to give your audience a sneak peek at more spontaneous content that’s not staged.

7. GE


Although GE products are not as appealing as other products such as mobile phones, cars, travel or other naturally exciting products, they have successfully shown that with the adequate amount of content mix you could still win the hearts of your fans. GE has employed a range of content pieces of inspirational messages, exotic patterns in their equipment and human stories that captivate. This is something because GE has proven that any brand could win with the right amount of effort, creativity, and variety. That’s why you could always refer to the GE Instagram account to get inspired on how to tell the brand’s story in a way that is creative, engaging and worthy.


There are thousands of brands on Instagram that are even ever-growing every day, yet only a few of them get it right and provide to their audience the type of content that entertains, inspires and raises interest in a way that ultimately makes conversions and up their game of sales. We hope the above accounts can give you the right amount of inspiration to get the ball rolling in the exciting world of Instagram.

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